Warrior Dash

Yesterday I photographed a wedding in Monroe, NC. (I’ll post photos later.) After a 12 hour day shooting a wedding, I’m pretty useless the following day. So I sent the hubby to take photos of the Warrior Dash in Huntersville this morning. As usual, he did a fantastic job!








Weekly Photo Challenge – Extra

This is from a recent photo shoot I did. It was difficult to take photos in a room with mirrors on 3 walls without getting myself in the image. I edited me out on the finished product, but I did this one just for the Weekly Photo Challenge.


Fitness shoot in New Bern, NC

On Tuesday, I drove 5 hours to New Bern, NC to work with Evin and Steven at Gold’s Gym. On the way there and back I listened to a whole audiobook, and I only got lost a couple of times. Here’s some photos from the shoot. (To see all of them, please click HERE.)









Tai Chi and Motorcycles

Last weekend we were back at Mooresville Dragway for Lee’s Bike Fest. Motorcycles are soooo much faster than cars, but our amazing photographers were still able to capture some great photos. (Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. I’m stuck in the production tent, editing and selling photos. I miss all of the action.) Here’s some shots:





On Wednesday, we did a photo shoot for Feelin’ Good Magazine. It was a Tai Chi class for seniors held at the Huntersville Aquatic Center.