I somehow managed to piss off a nest of yellow jackets while taking photos today, but I still got the shot.




That Moment When….

Last Christmas I sold an Arrested Development mug to some guy who said he was Justin Lee (Annyong from Arrested Development). Yeah right! I thought he was kidding. I thought maybe his friends call him Annyong because he has the same name as the actor. But he sent me a really nice note and told me he was buying the mug as a gift. So I sent him some gift wrapping paper with Annyong on it. This morning I got a message from a girl asking if she could buy some of the paper. She said Justin Lee told her I sold it. I did a little Googling and found this on his Instagram. I’m peeing my pants right now!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.21.46 AM-red-box

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.22.16 AM-red-box


With my job as a photographer, specifically when shooting real estate, I get to travel around, see new places and meet lots of people. But my most favorite part is meeting all the cute little animals! Today I met this guy. He followed me around licking my legs and begging for pets. I really, really wanted to take him home with me. I took this photo as I was trying to leave. When his mom told him he couldn’t go with me, he flopped down on the floor and wouldn’t let me open the door.


So he had to go to doggy jail.  😦


Sexy Mama!

My friend, Lauren, needed some updated photos, so we spent the afternoon at her cute little house making awkward faces. Also, she may or may not be single. Ok. She’s definitely single. Where’s all the sexy art nerds?






She’s also a very talented artist. Go check out her prints at Frazzled Rabbit Press.