St Louis Wedding

I recently got the chance to go back home and second shoot a wedding.





Sexy Mama!

My friend, Lauren, needed some updated photos, so we spent the afternoon at her cute little house making awkward faces. Also, she may or may not be single. Ok. She’s definitely single. Where’s all the sexy art nerds?






She’s also a very talented artist. Go check out her prints at Frazzled Rabbit Press.

Jacob’s first second shooter wedding

While I was entertaining family and frantically cleaning my house in preparation for my son’s graduation party, my husband went to his first wedding as a second shooter. He did an incredible job and I’m super impressed with all of his photos. Here’s a few of my faves:







A Wedding At Morning Glory Farm

Yesterday I worked with Cory Tapia from Blue Motion Studio. We shot a wedding at Morning Glory Farm in Monroe, NC. Here are some of the photos that I’m completely in love with.