Photography Etiquette – Uncle Bob

Every photographer knows who Uncle Bob is. It’s that one relative at every wedding with a great camera and no clue. The one that butts in and ruins your shot, or distracts the wedding party so half of them are looking away from you, the paid professional. But I’m not going to limit this blog post to the Uncle Bob’s. I want to talk about a couple situations where I have encountered intruders with a cameras, and one where I was the potential intruder.

Uncle Bob

The situation I encountered was more of an Aunt Betty. But not really. Ok. Here’s what happened. I was the second shooter at a beautiful beach wedding. Everything was going along great. The bride and groom were exchanging their vows when, all of a sudden, some random lady in a bathing suit popped up right behind the minister. The worst possible place!!! The lead photographer looked at me with horror. I motioned to her that I would take care of it. I ran through the sand, nearly falling on my face, and shout-whispered to the lady, “You’re in the way! Move!” Not very nice, I know. But I was panicked and didn’t have time to come up with something polite. The fact was, she was in the way and she needed to move. Continue reading


A Nice Surprise

My company contracts with Metrolina Estates to photograph their short sale listings. We’re usually the first people to see the property, and we never know what we’ll be walking in to. I always take either my husband or my teenage son with me because I’m a tiny little person. Today, my son and I went to a house in an area I wasn’t familiar with. We were pleasantly surprised and delighted at how amazing the house was. Here are a couple of photos from today.

Vintage Bedroom

Living Room

Swansboro, NC

On our way home from vacation, my family and I stopped in Swansboro, NC. We had a yummy lunch at Saltwater Grill, then went to a fantastic little shop called Poor Man’s Hole. We stopped there because of the peculiar name of the shop, but we ended up spending nearly an hour there because it’s a fascinating little place. Here are some photos.

You can view all of them HERE.

Saltwater Grill, Swansboro, NC

Bowl With Balls, Poor Man's Hole, Swansboro, NC

Wooden Bowls, Poor Man's Hole, Swansboro, NC

Compass, Poor Man's Hole, Swansboro, NC

Rainbow Netting, Poor Man's Hole, Swansboro, NC

McSweeney's, Poor Man's Hole, Swansboro, NC

Working On Vacation

Being photographers doesn’t end, even when we’re on vacation. We take our gear everywhere we go. This week we are on vacation in Emerald Isle, NC. There’s been talk for a few years about getting a huge family photo, but we’re usually too busy or just forget. This year, we decided to make plans. We got 54 people coordinated and made it happen. We also talked our beautiful cousin, Jenni, into letting us take some maternity photos of her. Here’s some of the photos. You can see the rest of them HERE.

Jenni - Maternity Jeff and Jenni - Maternity

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