Surprise Art

My son leaves me little presents in my notebooks. Heart_01.jpge500abf0-59e9-4248-a566-4c557069608dLarge-crop-.3x.3



My son graduated!!!

Me and my little guy.


My son and his grandparents.


My son and his step-grandparents.


Our family.


My little dumdum!


The delicious cake my mother-in-law made.


Does Facebook Have It Right?

When I search for a new backdrop for my photography studio on Google, Facebook suggests that I might like B&H. When I look up ideas for fixing my back deck or building an island in my kitchen, Facebook suggests that I might like to take a look at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

I know my internet activity is being tracked and I’m fairly ok with it. I’m not trolling anyone or looking up how to make bombs. If Facebook wants to make suggestions about where I shop, fine. I can ignore it, or use it as I like.

But recently, I’ve been getting suggestions that are making me a little bit concerned.




I just turned 37 and I still have all my parts intact. I get regular check-ups and exams. My GYNOB says that I have at least 5 more good baby makin’ years, if I so choose. So, where did Facebook get the idea that I’m ready to hear about “the change”? Do they know something me and my doctors don’t?

We joined the PPA!!!

We are now professional photographers! Well…yeah. I guess we were before, but now it’s official. We joined the PPA a week before their annual convention and decided at the last minute to attend. It was a 6 hour drive to Nashville, TN and 4 days of dizzying amounts of information and awesome networking.


We attended lectures on photography and lighting by amazing photographers such as:

Zabrina Deng who taught us all about shoot pre-wedding sessions like they do in Asia


Moshe Zusman who told us how to light a dark venue

Dan and Alex McClanahan who took us on a walk through of an entire wedding day (plus they are the cutest couple I’ve ever met!!!)

I went to a ton of lectures on Photoshop and Lightroom techniques:

Julieanne Kost works for Adobe and is a lightroom wizard


(Look! It’s a duck!)

Jared Platt showed us how to streamline our editing process and cut a 5,000 image wedding down to 2 hours of editing time (I won a $110 pack of presets after his lecture!!!)


We met some awesome people:

This is Brooke Moxley. She’s a photographer in a town about 30 minutes from us! We met at a lecuture by Julieanne Kost.


We also met Anj Olsen of Lavender & Lime Studio. (Unfortunately, we didn’t get a photo with her because we were at the Super Bowl party and had too much to drink. Not that my cell phone takes great photos anyway, but I think you can tell from the picture below that I was a little unsteady.)


We also got invited to a brainstorming meet and greet with the amazing people who host our website at Zenfolio. It was held by the CEO, Alex Peyzner, and the co-founder, Vitaliy Kuznetzov! They were an awesome group of people and we’re very happy to be working with them to make our photography business the best it can be!


And here’s a random photo of my husband having lunch at the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center where ImagingUSA 2015 was held.


I apologize for the crappy quality of the photos. Even though this was a professional photographers event, none of us wanted to lug around a ton of equipment. I’ve never seen so many people in one place taking cell phone pictures.

Thank you PBS!!!

My family and I got fed up with our cable provider and decided to go without. But that means missing the new season of Downton Abbey. I visited yesterday to see if I could get any sneak peeks or special features, but I got something even better! Full streaming episodes!!!!!! I almost peed my pants. So, thank you PBS!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 3.33.28 PM