Another Jewelry Shoot

I got to work with Kathryn today. She has an amazing sense of style and collects vintage jewelry. She’s going to start selling her items on Etsy, and these are some of the photos she will use to show off her items.





Hop Into Spring

It’s another busy weekend. The Lake Norman Citizen called and asked us to photograph a local event called Hop Into Spring. But I had a big wedding to shoot, so I sent the hubby out to take photos of all the kiddies. Once again, he did a great job!





A Graceful Bride

As every woman who has planned a wedding knows, nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Sometimes it’s big stuff, sometimes it’s lots of little stuff, but something always falls to pieces just before you walk down the aisle. For me, it was my genius idea to write my own vows. What was I thinking?

But not every bride handles the setbacks with as much grace and dignity as Sarah. When things became too much, she took a deep breath and asked for some silence.

Here are some photos of her very zen journey to the alter.







More from Invitations by Tammy

My friend, Tammy, has been a busy girl, designing and cranking out custom invitations for brides-to-be. Here are a couple of her newest ones.




Invitations by Tammy

This weekend…

I had a busy, busy week and an even busier weekend. Unfortunately, I ended up in the ER when I started having incredible pain in my neck and arm. The diagnosis is a herniated disk in my neck. The good news is, I got good drugs. The bad news is, I have to wear a giant collar and lay flat on my back for a week. So the hubby stepped up and covered the photo shoots I had scheduled for this weekend. He did a great job and saved my hiney.

I did manage to get out of the house for a couple of hours to attend a dinner held by one of our most favoritest clients. But I was a little out of it from all the drugs.

Here’s some photos from the weekend:

Bella Love Art Crawl for the Lake Norman Citizen



1st Annual 5k-9 by Uberdog for the Lake Norman Citizen



Alex and Adrienne’s Wedding Shower



Debra’s St. Paddy’s Day Networking Party


Thank you again to my wonderful husband for picking up the slack.