The Proposal

My brother-in-law called my husband the other day and asked if he would be willing to take photos of him proposing to his girlfriend. Of course he said yes! (And so did she!!!) They went to a park in the mountains called Pretty Place. It was a little bit complicated because my husband had to stay hidden while the proposal was happening, but he still got some amazing photos!









Sam and Ari

My friend Lauren brought her son and nephew over to my house for a photo shoot. Ari is the cutest little baby, and Sam makes the most amazing faces. Here are some of the photos.







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A Busy Turkey Day!

I woke up at 5 am to go shoot some Thanksgiving day events for the Lake Norman Citizen.

The first one was the Stuffed 5k. It’s sponsored by Strong and Focused and all the proceeds go to Angel and Sparrows Soup Kitchen.





The second event was Carrington Ridge Fry Boys. They prepare and distribute over 200 turkeys, can goods and deserts to local homeless and battered women’s shelters.



Skateboarding at the beach

I’ve been taking photos of my son since he was born. Once he became a teenager, he started hating it and pulling faces every time I pointed the camera in his direction. But not today! He finally posed for me with his skateboard and we got some great shots! Check out my adorable son. (Oh yeah! He also made the shirt he’s wearing! Go check it out in his Etsy shop.)





Aspiring Models

I went to Greensboro, NC yesterday to work with Tatyana. She’s 20 and wants to be a model. I love working with aspiring models. They’re like blank canvases.

Here’s the advice I give to anyone who wants to be a model:

  • Work with as many photographers as you can. We all have a different perspective and a unique approach.
  • Watch out for creepy guys with cameras who try to get you to take your shirt off.
  • Research fashion photography and try the poses in the mirror.
  • KNOW YOUR BODY!!!! This is the most important thing! I can’t believe how many people don’t understand how their bodies work. You’ve lived in it all your life!
  • Pay attention to your hands. They can ruin a beautiful image.

Tatyana really listened to all the things I told her. She practiced before our shoot and did a fantastic job!