I got a new 35mm lens for my camera! As soon as it was delivered, I took some photos of my cats. Obviously.

Angel Kitty

Ellie Belly


My Kitties!!!

On a personal note:

I am the momma of four beautiful rescue kitties. Two of them were on purpose, and two of them just happened. Let me introduce you.

This is Ellie. She’s my baby and my guard kitty. She sleeps with me and won’t let any of the other kitties near me. If she catches me petting any of the other cats she gives me the cold shoulder for hours. I got her first, when I was single and planning my life as a crazy old cat lady.



This is Angel. She is a Russian Blue and quite possibly the softest thing on the planet. I got her 6 months after Ellie. One of my friends worked at the Humane Society and asked me to take her because she was scheduled to be euthanized. Of course I had to take her! She’s been a challenge. She has some behavioral issues. But we love her anyway.



This is Tiny. Jacob, my husband, wanted his own cat after we got married, since my cats ignore him, unless they want food. So we went and got Tiny from a shelter that rescues animals from kill shelters. She was rescued twice! When we got her, her name was Serendipity, but she was so little and sickly when we got her home that we started calling her Tiny and it stuck. She’s not so tiny anymore, though.



This is Zoe. She’s our accidental kitty. Jacob was getting gas in South Carolina, when a cute little kitty walked up and started climbing his leg. He called me all flustered because he didn’t know what to do. We decided to check with the gas station attendants first. They said that people just drop animals off there hoping that someone will pick them up. So that’s what he did. We were going to feed her and clean her up and take her to a shelter the next day. But as soon as I saw her I knew there was no way we could give her away. She is the cutest, sweetest cat we’ve ever met. (Shhh… Don’t tell the other kitties I said that.)