Mountain Wedding (Nebo, NC)












Wilmington Wedding

I have weddings every weekend this year, but, as a second shooter, I hesitate to post most of the photos due to copyright issues and photography etiquette. Most of my job involves getting detail shots and following the groom around as his personal paparazzi. I absolutely LOVE taking photos of details, and the wedding this weekend had some great ones! I just had to show them off.












Small Winter Wedding

My friend texted me Wednesday and asked me to help her with a wedding on Friday. It’s the winter. What other stuff do I have to do? So of course I said yes! It was a very small wedding at a cute little venue near my house. I assisted with lighting and corralling family for photos, then I took some detail shots.







We are so much more than photographers…

We are tissue dispensers,

bouquet holders,


train carriers,

makeup artists,

hair fixers,


family wranglers,


and party clowns.

We spend more time with a bride and groom on their wedding day than anyone else. It’s our job to make sure this one day goes as smoothly as possible for these two people and capture the smiles that result.