Punt, Pass & Kick

It’s been awhile since we had an assignment from the Lake Norman Citizen, but this weekend we got to cover the annual Punt, Pass & Kick¬†competition.






A Graceful Bride

As every woman who has planned a wedding knows, nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Sometimes it’s big stuff, sometimes it’s lots of little stuff, but something always falls to pieces just before you walk down the aisle. For me, it was my genius idea to write my own vows. What was I thinking?

But not every bride handles the setbacks with as much grace and dignity as Sarah. When things became too much, she took a deep breath and asked for some silence.

Here are some photos of her very zen journey to the alter.







A Lexus and a pretty girl

I did a shoot today for Hendrick Lexus¬†with Cali Young, Miss West Virginia 2010. I love working with Cali. She’s an amazing model!







Check out the full gallery at Rebel Youth Photography!