Claxton Farm, Asheville, NC














Jacob’s first second shooter wedding

While I was entertaining family and frantically cleaning my house in preparation for my son’s graduation party, my husband went to his first wedding as a second shooter. He did an incredible job and I’m super impressed with all of his photos. Here’s a few of my faves:







Back with the newspaper!

There’s not many photo worthy events happening during the winter, so we’ve had a bit of a break from the newspaper. But we’re back!!!

This morning I went and took some photos of the Lion’s Club Pancake Breakfast. (My first photo shoot with my new camera!)






Skateboarding at the beach

I’ve been taking photos of my son since he was born. Once he became a teenager, he started hating it and pulling faces every time I pointed the camera in his direction. But not today! He finally posed for me with his skateboard and we got some great shots! Check out my adorable son. (Oh yeah! He also made the shirt he’s wearing! Go check it out in his Etsy shop.)