Mountain Wedding (Nebo, NC)












Small Winter Wedding

My friend texted me Wednesday and asked me to help her with a wedding on Friday. It’s the winter. What other stuff do I have to do? So of course I said yes! It was a very small wedding at a cute little venue near my house. I assisted with lighting and corralling family for photos, then I took some detail shots.







Jacob’s first second shooter wedding

While I was entertaining family and frantically cleaning my house in preparation for my son’s graduation party, my husband went to his first wedding as a second shooter. He did an incredible job and I’m super impressed with all of his photos. Here’s a few of my faves:







A Wedding At Morning Glory Farm

Yesterday I worked with Cory Tapia from Blue Motion Studio. We shot a wedding at Morning Glory Farm in Monroe, NC. Here are some of the photos that I’m completely in love with.






Sam and Jay’s Wedding – Final Cut

I’ve had a photo shoot every day for the last two weeks and have been getting a little behind in my editing. So yesterday, after our Memorial day barbecue and drinks (and a little nap), I sat down to finish Sam and Jay’s wedding photos. Here are some of my favorites.