Family Photo Session

These are my cousins children. The oldest is graduating from high school and his mother bribed him into doing photos with me. The youngest is a natural model. He was workin’ it!









Meet Another PPW Survivor ….Cathy

This is my mother-in-law! She’s a super tough lady who kicked cancer’s butt! Go like her story and show your support!

The Primax Pink Warriors

My cancer battle started in early February 2005, at the age of 44, when a doctor felt a lump in my left breast, almost to the armpit, that I had not felt on my own. A film mammogram, with the lump marked with a metal “BB”, showed nothing, not even a shadow, so we realized I had very dense breast tissue. The only family member that had breast cancer before me is my paternal aunt, who fought the battle well in the early ‘90’s, which had harder chemo and radiation treatment at the time. I started getting mammograms at age 40 because of her experience, but it was really interesting to hear doctors say that I shouldn’t be worried, since my aunt was on my Dad’s side; so much for that advice. Any family history should be taken into consideration- remember that ladies!

After a whirlwind of initial activity of…

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Working On Vacation

Being photographers doesn’t end, even when we’re on vacation. We take our gear everywhere we go. This week we are on vacation in Emerald Isle, NC. There’s been talk for a few years about getting a huge family photo, but we’re usually too busy or just forget. This year, we decided to make plans. We got 54 people coordinated and made it happen. We also talked our beautiful cousin, Jenni, into letting us take some maternity photos of her. Here’s some of the photos. You can see the rest of them HERE.

Jenni - Maternity Jeff and Jenni - Maternity

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