Beautiful, Scary Cairo, Illinois

Cairo was a bustling port city at the southern most point of Illinois from the late 1800’s to the 1930’s. Its decline began when two bridges were built over the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, making the necessity of river boat traffic obsolete. It experienced a further blow with the race riots of the 1960’s. You can still see the splendor of its earlier days in the beautiful architecture of its government buildings and churches.

My husband and I have been wanting to visit it and take photos. We finally had the chance earlier this month.












Small Winter Wedding

My friend texted me Wednesday and asked me to help her with a wedding on Friday. It’s the winter. What other stuff do I have to do? So of course I said yes! It was a very small wedding at a cute little venue near my house. I assisted with lighting and corralling family for photos, then I took some detail shots.







New Graphic Designs

We’re in the down time for wedding season, so I’ve been getting busy with some new designs for my Etsy shop.














We are so much more than photographers…

We are tissue dispensers,

bouquet holders,


train carriers,

makeup artists,

hair fixers,


family wranglers,


and party clowns.

We spend more time with a bride and groom on their wedding day than anyone else. It’s our job to make sure this one day goes as smoothly as possible for these two people and capture the smiles that result.

On The Wrong Side…

A couple weeks ago, I got to be the model! I worked with Amanda Nicole Moss of Back Seat Photography who is a genius (and a lovely person). Together we made a little bit of magic.

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January in October Watermarked-January LR Edits Watermarked-0108

January in October Watermarked-January LR Edits Watermarked-0109

And as a bonus, my husband joined us on his lunch break and took this incredible photo.