Does Facebook Have It Right?

When I search for a new backdrop for my photography studio on Google, Facebook suggests that I might like B&H. When I look up ideas for fixing my back deck or building an island in my kitchen, Facebook suggests that I might like to take a look at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

I know my internet activity is being tracked and I’m fairly ok with it. I’m not trolling anyone or looking up how to make bombs. If Facebook wants to make suggestions about where I shop, fine. I can ignore it, or use it as I like.

But recently, I’ve been getting suggestions that are making me a little bit concerned.




I just turned 37 and I still have all my parts intact. I get regular check-ups and exams. My GYNOB says that I have at least 5 more good baby makin’ years, if I so choose. So, where did Facebook get the idea that I’m ready to hear about “the change”? Do they know something me and my doctors don’t?


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