Aspiring Models

I went to Greensboro, NC yesterday to work with Tatyana. She’s 20 and wants to be a model. I love working with aspiring models. They’re like blank canvases.

Here’s the advice I give to anyone who wants to be a model:

  • Work with as many photographers as you can. We all have a different perspective and a unique approach.
  • Watch out for creepy guys with cameras who try to get you to take your shirt off.
  • Research fashion photography and try the poses in the mirror.
  • KNOW YOUR BODY!!!! This is the most important thing! I can’t believe how many people don’t understand how their bodies work. You’ve lived in it all your life!
  • Pay attention to your hands. They can ruin a beautiful image.

Tatyana really listened to all the things I told her. She practiced before our shoot and did a fantastic job!






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