Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity

I love exploring the marginalized in our society. We go about our suburban lives, never giving them a thought, or, when we do think about them, it is with pity. I wanted to make them beautiful. This is a photo I took in a series on strippers.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity

  1. Bravo! Thanks for sharing. What was your basic pictorial theme when you decided to pursue this marginalized sector of “proper society”? The marginalized is often the forgotten man or woman who doesn’t quite fit into mainstream society’s model of normality. Would you happen to have a site that offers a photo montage highlighting the many faceted sides of these folks performing daily routines and rituals? All too often we tend to stereotype these people as outcasts and place them into a seedy environment dominated by sex, drugs and the baser pursuits of existence.


    • Gerry, thanks for your comments and interesting questions. I did this photo series when I was in college. I knew everyone in my class was going to do their final on something super boring (small town America, a day in the life of…, etc) so I decided to show those fancy-pants what real life was all about. I really had no idea what the final images would be when I went into it. I was introduced to the manager by my roommate, who worked there as a dancer. (By the way, she was the reason I thought of taking photos at a strip club. We went to college together and lived in a cute little suburban house on an adorable little tree-lined street, and no one ever knew what kind of job she had. You’re right. We think of strippers as sex workers and drug addicts, but she was a real person with a real life.) Anywho, the manager said I could take photos there as long as I got permission from the girls and I wasn’t allowed on “the floor.” So all of the images are taken in the dressing room. My hard drive crashed soon after I finished the photo series, so I don’t have many of them. The ones I do have can be seen here: http://january77.deviantart.com/gallery/9169423/photo-series-stripper

      Thanks again for the great questions!


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