Weekly Photo Challenge – Fray

A life that has frayed.

*****Just a warning: this image contains a bit of nudity. There are no bits and pieces showing, but you can tell the subject is nude.******

When I was in my mid 20’s I had a friend who was struggling with a heroine addiction. She was clean for long stretches of time, in which she was delightful and adventurous. Then she would fall into a pit. It was hard to watch her claw her way back to the surface.

She reached the point where she had exhausted the patience of her family and most of her friends. She came to me when she had no other place to go and asked if I would let her live with me for awhile. She knew I had my life together and would not put up with any bullshit. She promised me that she had entered an outpatient treatment program and was looking for a job. I agreed, on the condition that if I found out she was using again, I would make her leave.

After three months, I became suspicious. I searched her room and found a needle and a burnt spoon under her mattress. As soon as she came home, I took her key and told her she had 5 minutes to gather up what she needed, and she could bring a police escort with her to get the rest of it at some other time. She never came back for her things and I haven’t seen or spoken to her since.

During the time she was staying with me, I asked if I could take photos of her track marks. I wanted to do some implied nudes. When she took off her clothes, I was surprised to see that her back was covered in lash marks. I never asked her what happened. I think I was too frightened to know.



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