I love CraigsList!

I was having a conversation with a friend who is also a photographer. We were complaining to each other how hard it is to get jobs. It seems like you work harder to get a job than you do actually completing the jobs you get. He said, “I keep posting my ad on CraigsList every week, but I still haven’t gotten any responses from it.” So I asked him if he responded to other people who posted ads looking for photographers. He said no, he hadn’t even thought of that. What?!?!?!

I think CraigsList is one of the best resources available to photographers. I reply to at least 10 ads every week. Sure, not every one of them pays off, but at least I’m putting my name out there. I’ve landed a wedding as a second shooter, a stationary shoot, a fitness/weight lifting shoot and tons of marathons. Personally, I think marathons are the best. They usually pay around $100 for 3-5 hours of work. Plus, there’s no post production. The downside is, you usually don’t get to keep any of your photos for your portfolio. But sometimes you do. You just have to ask.

This morning I did a photo shoot for Color Me Rad. A lot of photographers don’t like to shoot these kinds of races because they’re very dirty and you take the risk of getting nasty colored powder in your equipment. But it hasn’t been that bad, in my experience. The powder is water soluble, and you only need to use a Q-Tip and some alcohol to clean up your camera.

If you’re just starting out, there’s no reason to pay for a membership on a website designed to get photography jobs. Just use CraigsList! I do have some paid memberships, but CraigsList still works best.

Here’s a photo from the race this morning. I took it with my phone, because I had to hand over the photos I took with my camera.



2 thoughts on “I love CraigsList!

  1. Great write-up! I couldn’t agree with you more. I am always looking for gigs on Craigslist and there is more and more every week for photographers. Which is great for someone trying to break into the industry. I’m actually shooting a color run This weekend, and was wondering if you used a rainsleeve or any protection on your camera? Or had any advice?


    • Hello! You can use a rainsleeve if you want to, but I find them very restrictive. You should definitely take one with you though. They run the race rain or shine. Also, take extra batteries, sunscreen and something to drink. You’ll be standing in the sun for 3 hours. Most companies advise you where to stand so as not to get color all over your camera. You’ll figure it out once you get out there. It’s pretty easy. And it goes by so fast, you’ll be surprised when it’s finished. Like I said in my post, use alcohol on a Q-tip to clean your camera afterward. The color comes off easily. Have fun! Let me know what you think when it’s over!


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