Our Weekend With George

Last year, when my photography business was just getting started, we booked a job with ConCarolinas. I was super excited because the big guest for the weekend was going to be George R. R. Martin. I was totally geeking out about the chance to see him. It never crossed my mind that we would have any access to him. I mean, he’s gonna be surrounded by big burly men who are deflecting all the hoards of crazies, right? Nope. Just the opposite. He travels with one (very nice) assistant. We were told beforehand that we wouldn’t be allowed to photograph GRRM during his book signings. But when we got there, we found out that no other arrangements had been made for photos, so we asked his assistant, who then asked him, and we were told that, as long as we weren’t a bother, we could take as many photos as we wanted. (!!!!!!!!!) So we did!

As it turns out, GRRM is a very nice guy. Sure, he’s a little distant. But what do you expect from a guy who meets thousands of people in just one weekend? He attended all of the post Con parties and even went to the bar and drank with all the geeks and nerds. He’s definitely not a superstar diva.

Now, on with the pics!!!





Check out the rest of the photos from ConCarolinas at our website, Rebel Youth Photography!






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