Swansboro, NC

On our way home from vacation, my family and I stopped in Swansboro, NC. We had a yummy lunch at Saltwater Grill, then went to a fantastic little shop called Poor Man’s Hole. We stopped there because of the peculiar name of the shop, but we ended up spending nearly an hour there because it’s a fascinating little place. Here are some photos.

You can view all of them HERE.

Saltwater Grill, Swansboro, NC

Bowl With Balls, Poor Man's Hole, Swansboro, NC

Wooden Bowls, Poor Man's Hole, Swansboro, NC

Compass, Poor Man's Hole, Swansboro, NC

Rainbow Netting, Poor Man's Hole, Swansboro, NC

McSweeney's, Poor Man's Hole, Swansboro, NC

Working On Vacation

Being photographers doesn’t end, even when we’re on vacation. We take our gear everywhere we go. This week we are on vacation in Emerald Isle, NC. There’s been talk for a few years about getting a huge family photo, but we’re usually too busy or just forget. This year, we decided to make plans. We got 54 people coordinated and made it happen. We also talked our beautiful cousin, Jenni, into letting us take some maternity photos of her. Here’s some of the photos. You can see the rest of them HERE.

Jenni - Maternity Jeff and Jenni - Maternity

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We’re going on vacation!!!

It’s that time again. Family vacation!

My son, Jerrin, and I lived in the midwest until 4 years ago when we moved to North Carolina. There are so many differences between the midwest and the east coast. When I tell people this, they don’t understand. I mean, it’s the same country, right? It should all be the same thing. So we measured it out on a map. If we lived in London and moved the same distance into Europe, we would now live near Prague in the Czech Republic. When you think about it like that you can understand what I mean.

Even though we speak the same language, there are still regional differences. Here they call a winter hat a toboggan, which to me will always be a sled. They also say “might should” and “might could”. While I immediately understood what was meant, I would have never thought to use the language in this way.

The reason I bring all of this up is, vacation. In the midwest, if you tell your job “I’m taking a week off for family vacation”, they will tell you that you can go, but you won’t have a job when you come back. It’s a completely foreign concept there to take a yearly family vacation. I think part of that is because it’s the midwest and it’s boring. There’s not really anything there that could possibly occupy a whole week of your time. Sure, there’s the Arch, but you can see that in one day. There’s the Mississippi, but it’s gross. Who wants to see that old dirty thing? There’s the Ozarks, which I am embarrassed to say, they think are mountains. They’re really just some big hills with a lake in the middle of them. But you can’t even get in the lake because it’s poisoned with toxic chemicals. Besides which, it’s not a family place. There’s lots of drinking and nudity there.

But here, there are beaches and mountains. Employers here will ask you when your family vacations is, so they can know when you’ll be working. What?!?!?! Ok. I might hate some things about Charlotte (the traffic, red dirt, giant bugs), but I love family vacation!

I will post tons of photos when we get back!


Real Estate Photography

The best thing about my job as a photographer is getting to travel around and discover new places. We recently began working with a local short sale company. The very first job was in Chester, SC. So I packed up my gear and headed south. It’s kind of a boring drive, but I was blown away when I got to Chester. It’s such an interesting town. You can tell that it used to be a very important stop on the railroad way back when. Now it’s a study in contrasts. There are boarded up buildings next to great big stone churches. (Even some of the churches are boarded up, too.) I would love to do a fashion shoot there! Anyone interested?

The house itself was very interesting as well. It was on a quiet street with very old homes. It had wood floors and a lot of personality.

We have two more houses coming up this week. I can’t wait to see where we go next.

Real Estate - Chester, SC