A Very Busy Saturday

We have three photo shoots today for the Lake Norman Citizen. The first was the Be The Match 5k. Next we’re off to shoot Fall Into Huntersville and the First Baptist Church-Huntersville 34th Annual World Hunger Yard Sale. Here are some photos from the 5k.




Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity

I love exploring the marginalized in our society. We go about our suburban lives, never giving them a thought, or, when we do think about them, it is with pity. I wanted to make them beautiful. This is a photo I took in a series on strippers.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity

Art History – Pin-up

I’ve recently had several requests for pin-up style photo shoots. Pin-up is like no other kind of model photography I’ve ever done. Not only does the photographer have to know what they’re doing, the model has to be completely committed to the style, while also knowing how to move and pose.

A model knowing how to pose sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s really not as simple as that. Most women that have asked me to do these photo shoots have been regular women, not models. You can be a sexy, beautiful girl, but if you’ve never modeled before, don’t start with pin-up.

Pin-up style requires exceptional knowledge of how your body moves and how it looks from all angles. It’s all about exaggerated angles and extra, extra femininity. It’s not at all comfortable and you will be exhausted when it’s all over.

Leading up to a pin-up shoot that I will be doing this week, I wanted to refresh my understanding of the style, so I did some research. I was discussing what I learned and what I would be doing at the photo shoot with a friend. I said that I would be doing a 40’s style pin-up shoot. My friend said, “Pin-up isn’t 40’s. It started way before that.” I didn’t believe them, so I went back to research it more.

Sure enough! Pin-up started back in the 1800’s. Back then, it was much tamer than it later became.


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